How to play?

To rotate any block in desired direction first it needs to be selected. Selection is done by single touching or holding finger over given block. Special touchpad will emerge after that.

Touchpad usage - selecting rotation direction
The orange fuzzy point is the touchpad knob used for choosing rotation direction. Selected direction will be highlighted by the three green pulsing arrows, exactly the way presented in the animations above and below.

Chain Reaction Example
Before jumping into block rotating frenzy, one needs to understand a few basic rules:

  • squares can be rotated in four directions,
  • hexagons can be rotated in six directions,
  • blocks next to each other cannot have the same color,
  • when rotating block falls onto another block – the original one will be destroyed,
  • if two blocks rotate simultaneously into the same position – all blocks at that spot will dissolve,
  • when player rotates selected block to new position it can cause color conflict with neighboring blocks,
  • newly rotated block will push away other blocks with the same color (causing a chain reaction),
  • blocks that don’t have any neighbors in all eight directions will dissolve!

And that’s how winning is done! Those rules are thoroughly explained inside the game. There’s also a step-by-step tutorial. The animated gif below sums it up pretty well:

Chain Reaction Mechanism